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Shell Global Solutions Shell Screenwash


– Concentrate Shell Screenwash is designed as a ready-to-use service fill fluid for the screenwash reservoir. Shell Screenwash protects against freezing down to – 30° C.




Appearance Clear blue liquid Denatured Ethanol Content 40% by wt. Freezing Point -30°C Density, #/gal., 25°C 0.94 g/ml PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS Shell Screenwash thoroughly cleans filmy soils from windscreen glass and helps remove ice and snow at temperatures as low as -30°C.


The formula is designed to:

• Clean thoroughly

• Dry spot free

• Protect against freezing to -30°C




Shell Screenwash is used as packaged and filled directly into the screenwash reservoir tank. The formula is compatible with other screen wash formulas and may be directly added to the reservoir without flushing. Apply as usual using the vehicle screenwash pump and wiper blade controls.


If Shell Screenwash is diluted with water the freeze protection is reduced. For example, 75% Shell Screenwash plus 25% water will freeze at approximately -20°C. 50% Shell Screenwash and 50% water will freeze at approximately -11°C.


WHY USE Shell Screenwash? Regular application helps maintain driver visibility and clear vision is essential for safe operation of the vehicle. The modern formula removes mud, dust and filmy soils from the vehicle windscreen. The formula will not freeze when used as packaged without dilution at temperatures warmer than -30 o C. This allows application during severe winter weather and aids in melting and removal of ice and snow.




Shell Screenwash should be used whenever soil build-up significantly impairs driving visibility. The formula is designed to thoroughly clean windscreens upon application. However, severe tar and insect stains may require scrubbing by hand using a product designed for that purpose.


During severe winter weather allow vehicle defroster to warm the glass before driving. This will prevent ice and snow from refreezing and impairing visibility. This also allows the product to perform effectively. It is also important to maintain screen wiper blades in good condition.


To maintain good wipe performance the blades should be regularly cleaned and replaced frequently as they show signs of wear.




Shell Screenwash contains denatured alcohol to prevent freezing even during severe winter weather. A strong detergent helps remove soils from glass. Purified water is used to prevent spots and streaks that would result from the minerals contained in hard water. It does not contain methanol


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