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Release and lubrication agent for use in civil engineering and precast plants

Performance Features

  • prevents pore and stain formation to a great extent
  • provides clean and even surfaces
  • universally applicable
  • non-slip and resistant to rain



SOK WAX ECO S is an ester-based release and lubrication agent for forms. The product has a creamy consistency.
SOK WAX ECO S is free of mineral oils and solvents. The product is easily biodegradable.
SOK WAX ECO S is not hazardous to waters.

Field of application

SOK WAX ECO S is suitable for all forms, e.g. wood, plastic-lined wooden materials, steel, etc. It can also be used for box-outs of doors and windows in garage production and trowel grooves in filigree ceiling production.

Method of application

SOK WAX ECO S is applied with a brush, a cloth or a roller. Consumption differs depending on the application case. SOK WAX ECO S may not be diluted with oils or solvents - the delivered concentration is ready for use!


- storage temperature not below +5°C
- the storage period should not exceed 2 years
- reseal packaging after removal

Note the WHG and EC safety data sheet!

Important: If you use SOK WAX ECO S there is not always a proper plaster, adhesive and paint adhesion.


kr 1 298,00Pris
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