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Polymeric Quenchant PI 1-4184 e, Page 1 / PM1 / 01.19




THERMISOL QZS 400 WB is a water-miscible polymeric quenchant suitable for applications where an increased cooling rate is required. THERMISOL QZS 400 WB provides, depending on the concentration, a variably strong film on the material surface which attenuates the cooling intensity of pure water or rather controls the heat dissipation of the material. THERMISOL QZS 400 WB has a high thermal resistance and a low grade of foam. THERMISOL QZS 400 WB contains no biocides and offers a particularly good re-dissolving capacity. THERMISOL QZS 400 WB does not contain any nitrite or phenol and complies with the specifications of TRGS 611.




THERMISOL QZS 400 WB is especially suitable for quenching during induction and flame hardening. Hardening of low-alloyed forgings and unalloyed to high-alloyed materials is possible. THERMISOL QZS 400 WB is particularly suitable for components sensitive to cracking. THERMISOL QZS 400 WB should be applied in a temperature range between 20 °C and 30 °C (max. 50 °C) to achieve constant hardening results. THERMISOL QZS 400 WB is typically used in concentrations of 5 – 15 %. In principle at concentrations above 15 % the use of more slowly oil like products with a lower required concentration should be considered. For the temporary storage of the quenched parts an additional corrosion protection is recommended, e.g. ANTICORIT.




• Individual adaptation of cooling characteristics by varying concentration and bath temperature

• No biocides

• Very good re-dissolving capacity

• No flame, no risk of fire

• No smoke and oil vapour

• Optimized cooling performance

• Particularly low application concentration

• Long bath durability

• Odourless

• Complies with TRGS 611

• Water Hazard Class 1


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